Favorite Books

I’m a big believer in books. A huge part of the healing process is when you become the expert of your own condition. The transformation from STRESSED to STUDENT often starts from reading a new book.

Here’s a list of a few that I can personally endorse. Enjoy!

Great book from an Author who’s conquered chronic pain, an autoimmune disease, and more!

If you have back pain, you NEED to read this book. Period.

Investigative journalist takes on the complexities of the back pain industry, what treatments get results and which ones to avoid


If you have been in pain for years and you can only buy one book, I would start here. An excellent personalized work book based on the latest research



More detailed explanation on the science of what’s happening in the body with chronic pain


One of my close friends who suffered from years of low-back pain said that this book was his MOST VALUABLE resource during his recovery.

One of my favorite audiobooks, this book is all about the marriage of science and meditation

If you feel like you need a total life overhaul, this book is a great place to start, with some really useful tools on how to make the big changes.

A lot of people are better at taking care of others than they are themselves, I call this “selflessness syndrome.” I haven’t personally read this one, but it was recommended from a friend and this subject will really resonate with some people.