At Behind the Pain we are committed to free patients from the fear, worry, frustration, and concern that comes with having back pain. We offer the peace-of-mind of having less “flare-ups”, and fewer episodes of “throwing your back out.” We aren’t interested in only temporary relief or band-aids. We have a proven approach of educating our patients on what is happening with their body, providing them with “hands-on” therapy for pain relief, and then giving them the tools necessary to finally return to doing the activities they love most with their friends and family. We are here to assist you in the confusing and stressful decision making process of what to do about your pain. We ensure that you are at the helm of your recovery and that your treatment is centered on what matters most to YOU. For some it’s avoiding scary surgeries or medications, for others it’s getting back to running or hiking, and for others it’s getting rid of the daily limitations of having a “bad back.” Whatever struggles you are having Behind the Pain, we are here to help. Continue reading to learn more about my personal story.

We are committed to free patients from the fear, worry, frustration, and concern…

My dad had a “bad back”. He used to have intense “flare-ups” a few times a year and would lay in bed with pills and injections until he could walk again. It was always hard for me to see my dad in so much pain. He sought help from doctors who prescribed meds, took images, and performed complex procedures. The pain was severely limiting him at work and kept him from doing some of his favorite activities. Finally, after years of struggling  he started seeing a physical therapist. This therapist educated my dad about his back and then provided specific hands-on techniques to relieve pain and help restore healthy movement. My dad was able to get back to his active lifestyle with all of us kids.

Once I saw what a life-changing effect this therapist had on my family I knew it was something I needed to learn more about. In my early 20’s I started working with the very same therapist who helped my dad. I was fascinated by the variety of patients that came in the door. We saw everything from basic ankle sprains to spinal cord injuries. From the time I stepped in that PT clinic I never looked back.

I knew there were more people out there like my dad that needed help.

With the support of my wife and family I was accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah. After completing the didactic portion of my education I was accepted into a residency-like program in Fort Collins, Colorado to train under Dr. Tim Flynn. For a year I worked with fellowship trained therapists Tim and his colleague Terry Gebhardt. That experience permanently altered the course of my career. The Colorado clinic dealt with the most complex pain cases. Patients with years of chronic pain, failed back surgeries, and complex neurological disorders were lining up at the door to be seen by Tim and Terry. I was fortunate to be in such a rich learning environment where I was armed with the tools I needed to help people just like my dad.

After graduation I was able to move back to my family and my mountains in Utah. Since starting practice here, I’ve pursued further training in complex spinal disorders, chronic low-back pain, trigger point dry-needling, and mindfulness meditation.

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